Webee decided to build a booking system on top of Drupal Commerce using a combination of Drupal Commerce modules and additional contributed modules. Below is a general guide on how you might approach this:

  1. Install Drupal Commerce:

    • Install and configure Drupal Commerce. You can use the Commerce Kickstart distribution or build your Commerce setup from scratch.
  2. Create a Product Type for Bookable Items:

The "Examination module" is a feature  that is specifically designed for managing and conducting assessments and examinations. This module plays a crucial role in educational institutions, corporate training programs, and various certification processes. Here are some key functionalities and aspects associated with an examination module:

  1. Test Creation: Users can create various types of tests and assessments, including quizzes, exams, surveys, or assignments, within the module.



Migrating a website from a custom PHP application to WordPress can greatly enhance its functionality, user experience, and ease of management. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of migrating the website "demenagementcargo.com" from a custom PHP app to WordPress. This migration will not only modernize the website but also open up a world of possibilities for customization and growth.


In the ever-evolving digital realm, keeping up with technological advancements is crucial for maintaining a strong online presence. This includes migrating websites from older CMS versions like Drupal 7 to the more secure and feature-rich Drupal 10. While manual migration can be complex and time-consuming, automation offers an efficient solution that simplifies the process and reduces potential risks. 

The Need for Migration 

  1. The importance of responsive design in today's digital landscape.
  2. How to effectively use A/B testing to optimize website performance.
  3. The benefits of incorporating a chatbot into a website.
  4. The role of AI in web development and its future implications.
  5. The latest web design trends and how to incorporate them into your clients' websites.
  6. Tips and best practices for creating a successful landing page.
  7. The role of security in web development and how to protect clients' websites from cyber threats.
  8. How to effectively use

By 2024; insurers expect their industry to be fully transformed to embrace automation and digital technologies in a bid to meet the demands of their customers for more intuitive and convenient user experiences. However; the first major step before starting to draft your own insurance business' transformation strategy will be to better understand your customers and prospects' behaviors. 


An app maintenance service agreement is a contract between the app developer or service provider and the client, outlining the terms and conditions for maintaining and supporting the app. A typical app maintenance service agreement would typically include the following elements:

  1. Scope of work: This section outlines the specific tasks and responsibilities of the service provider, such as software updates, bug fixes, security patches, and performance improvements.


An auditing module is a type of software that can be used to track and record activities or events on a website or application. An auditing module might be used to track things like user logins, content updates, or system errors.

Here are some potential features that an auditing module might include:

  1. The ability to track and record specific events or activities on the website or application.

  2. A way to view or search the audit logs to see what activities have taken place on the site.


A multidomain Drupal site is a website that is built using the Drupal content management system and that uses multiple domains or subdomains to serve different sections or purposes. For example, a multidomain Drupal site might use one domain for the main website, another domain for a blog, and a third domain for an online store.

Developing a multidomain Drupal site involves setting up and configuring the different domains and subdomains, and integrating them into a cohesive and seamless website. Here are some key considerations for multidomain Drupal site development: