Blogs - Can Drupal be used to create a 100% online tender platform?? Sure.

e-Tender este primul site din Moldova care îşi propune organizarea tenderelor online 100%. Aceasta presupune atit publicarea ofertei de tender de catre cumparatori cit si depunderea setului de documente de catre vinzatori si in final luarea deciziei si publicarea cistigatorului.

Pe site pot sa se inregistreze toate companiile private cit si cele publice pentru adaugarea ofertelor de tender, sa participe la tenderele publicate.

How to begin to love your working place

Hey folks, I just want to share some thoughts on how to enjoy your workplace and feel good while doing all this "creative" jobs:

1. Be sure your place is lighted enough. I preffer rather a more lighted room than semi- or dark environment.

2. Arrange the desk: pen, stickers, callendar, coffee-cup-place (to be always close to me). Keep it clean also.

3. Be careful on setting the screen's resolution. It meens a lot.

Hello world!

Hello world!

We just launched our page and are extremely happy to share our work and thoughts with you. 

Enjoy, share and give us any feedback if you fell you should to.

Webee team.


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