working process

Your ideas

A meeting between webee and the client is arranged for an initial discussion and to brainstorm about the project's design, functionality, budget and timing requirements. This can be done in person or through email and telephone.


The proposal is compiled by our hives, after collating the full client brief, which details web and graphic design ideas, amount of pages, self updateable sections, the final price, and the production processes required to achieve the end result.

La Fabrique

Our graphic designers get to work, several separate visuals/screenshots are designed, and are presented to the client, and once a preferred design idea is chosen, the concept is further developed ready for coding.

The product

The website is thoroughly tested for errors and bugs, for instance, to ensure restricted areas are properly secure. Then it's loaded to the final webspace and connected to your domain name where it will appear live on the Internet. Now the job is done and the honey served!