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    market analyst
    Eugen has over ten years experience of working with the internet and he has worked in both technical and commercial roles. Eugen set up the business with the simple aim of helping other businesses with their online activities.
    Eugen is experienced in helping Financial Services firms get more out of the internet. He believes that the internet is like any another marketing tool so the techniques that work well in one industry can be applied to other industries in very similar ways. Eugen's aim is to help his clients make more money from the Internet and gets frustrated by companies that don't offer good service or value for money.


    Financial specialist
    Head operations 
    Lilia is our fincancial talent, so naturally, we’ll let her take the lead when it comes to managing Webee’ accounts. She’ll probably be your  contact when you come to us and she will most likely hand you the bills once your new Web home is ready! Before Webee, she worked as an auditor and accounting consultant for an large auditing company.
  • ION
    HTML and CSS
    Form design
    System architecture
    Usability tester
    Nobody knows best practices like Ion does. He studies websites like others study Buddhism: In depth and with determination. This way he contributes to the many innovative solutions we are offering our customers. Our product development relies on his usability tests and his finely tuned mockups. He is working behind the scenes, but you’ll surely feel his influence in your product!



    Web ingineer





    Dumitru features the skillset of the perfect Drupalista: He loves to mix modules and code, but with care and analytical ingenuity. What he touches - it works! He was born with the Internet, thinks code and writes code. Naturally mr. D is the one to crack the fiercest backend challenges and develop the most scalable solutions - the cool minded engineer brain in our team.

    web design
    visual artworks




    Cezar is a coffee loving, Illustrator breathing, design addict. He loves nothing more to be shut in a room with a computer, brief and a strong cuppa. Heavily involved in the online digital art scene, Cezar creates highly detailed artwork in his spare time collaborating with other designers to improve on his skills and have the freedom to create anything. Web Design, like all aspects of the profession is Cezar's favourite way to unleash his creative energies.



    market analyst
    Soon the super description..


  • Radu is a super ninja.Better don't argue about contracts with him :)