New Web Site Planning

As experienced web design consultants, we realise that forming an online presence can be a daunting experience, especially with the myriad of confusing technologies available, and hundreds of web design agencies making all sorts of claims about their services. That's why we offer a web design consultancy service that can:
  • Help you decide if you really do need a web site.
  • Cut through the hype and explain what a site can and cannot do for you.
  • Suggest the most cost-effective solution for your needs, in jargon-free terms.
  • Advise about search engine positioning and web site promotion.
  • Devise ways of streamlining your workflow.
  • Advise on e-commerce and site security.
  • Help with registering domain names and setting up suitable site hosting.

Web Site Redesign & Redevelopment

If you feel that your existing web site could be performing better, why not get us to evaluate it for you and suggest ways of getting improved results? We can advise on:
  • Improving your site's accessibility to ensure you comply with the UK's Disability Discrimination Act.
  • Redesigning the layout to keep the site looking fresh.
  • Optimising your site for search engines.
  • Increasing the usability of your site to help visitors complete tasks more successfully.
  • Bringing your site's markup/code up to current web standards to ensure it works in the latest browsers.
  • Adding new features, such as Content Management Systems that enable you to update your site more easily.