How to create a travel website -

easytravel - the making of

Recently we realized another web project -

The main challenges of the site - to create a web platform for travel offers, transport tickets, holiday destinations - all bookable.

Each tourist offer is valid for a specific country, region/city, and has several features: included meals, accommodation type, validity period and prices for each period.

Each posted offer had to have a reservation form which is actually a form that site visitors fills and send instantly to travel managers.

Created Drupal Modules:

  • Easy Hierarchical select (we prefered to create an own module that allows you to select countries - taxonomy terms, hierarchical cities)
  • Easy reservation (a module that allows users to fill a form and made ​​a reservation for the selected offer)
  • Easytravel Period field (a custom field designed to create different periods with different prices for an offer/hotel)

Used Drupal Modules:

  • Views
  • Views UI
  • Taxonomy
  • By Trail Menu Path
  • Libraries
  • Geofield Map
  • geoPHP
  • XML sitemap
  • etc..

easytravel - final look