Webee have a 3 year experience in designing and implementing touch-screen applications integrated in custom designed kiosks. Our main task is to develop friendly User Interfaces that can interact easily with the users. 

New generation multi-touch interfaces allow more complex interaction than old touch systems. The rapid spread of touchscreen kiosks made also familiar the gestures on large touch screens.
In a present more and more touch, characterized by the spread of large multi-touch screens and other kinds of interactive surfaces, there are new possibilities to touch.  Our goal is therefore to contribute to this evolution process of the interaction models, and create new applications.
We mainly develop software and multi-touch applications for free standing kiosks, applications that are mainly customized for each client separately.
We carry out installations of applications for infotainment and entertainment, for advertising and commerce.
We create specific solutions for our customers, using the best technology solutions for their needs.